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If you found us, chances are you are looking for or wondering what the heck Early Intervention is! Fortunately, WeeTalk is here to take out some of the mystery and give you some details on what it is and how you can access it!

Early Intervention is a coordinated set of services including Speech, Occupational and/or Physical therapies in addition to Nutrition, Vision, Behavior, Hearing and Developmental Services that are offered to families who have children between ages 0-3 who area exhibiting developmental delays or disabilities. Theses services are FREE OF CHARGE to residents of Pennsylvania. Seriously! Can you believe it?

An evaluation will take place to determine if therapy will be recommended. These therapies can be held at your home, daycare or babysitters’ home, as long as it is the child’s natural environment. We encourage regular contact with the child’s primary caregiver to have quality carryover. These services may include:

Speech Therapy: for concerns with expressing wants or needs and feeding

Occupational Therapy: for concerns with feeding, sensory and fine motor issues

Physical Therapy: for concerns with gross motor and movement of the body

Special Instruction: for concerns with processing, play and following directions

Hearing, Vision and Nutrition to address associated concerns

If your child appears to be struggling to meet any of their milestones, Early Intervention is key to building the foundations of learning and furthering their development. Our speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and special instructors are trained to work specifically with the youngest of children and their parents to provide a combination of direct intervention, parent education and coaching techniques for the best care for your child. Our early intervention therapists give each client individualized attention in addition to collaborating with other medical specialists that your child may have.

So, what makes us different? What makes us stand out from the rest? Passion. That’s what. We have a tight knit group of therapists who have become a powerhouse that work hard to get the best outcomes and plans in place for your child and your family. They spend hours on continuing education specifically targeting this population and are constantly networking and consulting with others to master their craft.

This job is not for the weak of heart. We may make things look easy, but they are far from it. Couldn’t imagine us anywhere else though! Power on!

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