Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Developmental Therapy for Birth to 3!

We have contemplated for years about doing a blog…Should we, shouldn’t we? What should the content be? Who will post it? Will anyone read it? Do we have time to keep it going? Ugh, the ongoing quandary of being 2 SLP’s who happened to own a business. And not just any business, an AMAZING business! We are fortunate enough to have surrounded ourselves with therapists rich with knowledge, passion, and drive to make this one outstanding place to work!

Early intervention was our passion. Well, it IS our passion. We dreamed many years ago to have a little group of therapists to go out into families’ homes to do therapy sessions alongside us and BAM, we are blessed with this group! Thank you to each of you that give 100% each day! You are truly what makes WeeTalk the best!

Not Present, but oh so loved; Emily, Elise, Stacey, Becky, Leanne, Tania, Rachel, Maria, Holly, Janelle, Brittany & Marybeth

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