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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists will work on much more than just general techniques of stretching, strengthening, and gross motor development. Our highly trained therapists utilize your child’s daily routines to target learning opportunities that occur naturally so that learning new skills will seem easy.

Physical Therapy | Reading, PA
WeeTalk’s Physical Therapists develop overall motor development through strength, function, and mobility training as well as engage the family so you can incorporate exercises and strategies into your everyday routines. They support developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling, and walking and improve age-appropriate strength, balance, and coordination.

Our Physical Therapists also manage range of motion due to muscle restrictions and will assess the need for orthotics, supportive equipment, appropriate seating, or mobility options. 

Physical Therapy | Reading, PA
Our Physical Therapists may target areas when your child is having difficulty:

  • Tolerating tummy time
  • Lifting and holding head up, while lying on tummy
  • Reaching for nearby toys while on tummy
  • Pushing up on arms, while lying on tummy
  • Rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back
  • Moving from tummy or back into sitting
  • Sitting without support
  • Sitting and reaching for toys without falling
  • Maintaining balance while sitting when throwing objects
  • Crawling
  • Moving in and out of various positions to explore the environment and get desired toys
  • Standing with support and accepting entire weight with legs
  • Pulling to stand and cruising along furniture
  • Standing alone and taking several independent steps
  • Squatting to pick up a toy
  • Walking independently
WeeTalk knows that the most important piece of being a Physical Therapist in Early Intervention is remembering that everything we do during sessions focuses on the entire family and their daily lives. Our Physical Therapists will partner with you, the caregiver, and find ways to incorporate the exercises/strategies throughout your day.

Seek Early Intervention if

By 9 months your child is not:

  • Unable to bring hands to mouth
  • Not able to hold up head when pushing up on tummy
  • Unable to roll over in both directions
  • Appearing very stiff, with tight muscles
  • Appearing very floppy, like a rag doll
  • Unable to bear weight on both legs with support
  • Not able to sit with help
By 12 months your child is not:

  • Not able to crawl
  • Unable to stand while supported
By 18 months your child is not:

  • Not able to walk independently
By 2 years old your child is:

  • Unable to run
  • Not able to navigate steps
  • Unable to throw and kick a ball
Physical Therapy | Reading, PA
*Anytime you notice regression or loss of skills, contact your child’s pediatrician, and reach out to WeeTalk to start a referral to Early Intervention immediately.
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