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Vision Support

WeeTalk’s Early Intervention Vision Specialists are committed to helping babies, toddlers, and families of visually impaired children learn adaptations and accommodations that maximize the use of functional vision while also working toward enhancing other sensory skills.

Our highly trained therapists utilize your child’s daily routines to target learning opportunities that occur naturally so that learning new skills will seem easy.

Vision Supports Services
Our Vision Specialists:

  • Encourage children to Explore their environments through play and daily activities while learning to use other senses to compensate for vision loss
  • Provide families with the necessary resources to advocate for their little one
  • Heighten family’s awareness of obstacles in the environment that may impact their child’s ability to easily move and explore the home/daycare or community (Orientation & Mobility)
  • Assist families in connecting with local community resources as well as other support networks for children with visual impairments
  • Support other professionals/therapists working with the child and family to ensure that materials and strategies are consistent, motivating, and meeting the visual needs of the child
  • Discuss the child’s diagnosis and educate regarding the prognosis
  • Ensuring that family and child build a trusting and bonded relationship so the parents/caregivers can learn how to support the child’s progress
  • Assist families in choosing appropriate toys and materials
  • Encourage families to teach their child to become as independent as possible during components of daily routines to enhance learning opportunities
WeeTalk knows that the most important piece of Vision Support in Early Intervention is remembering that everything we do during sessions focuses on the entire family and their daily lives. Our Vision Therapists will partner with you, the caregiver, and find ways to incorporate the exercises/strategies throughout your day.

Seek Early Intervention if your child has a diagnosis involving impaired vision, low vision, blindness, or other visual complications or if your child is:

  • Unable to see
  • Appears to be hard of hearing
  • Not making eye contact by 6 months
  • Struggling with watching objects move (tracking)
  • Over reactive to sound or touch
  • Showing a heightened startle reflex after 6 months
  • Not interested in age-appropriate objects or play
  • Overly withdrawn
  • Fearful of movement/sounds
  • Holding objects extremely close to eyes
  • Not physically exploring environment although capable physically
  • Under 6 months and not reaching for or batting at objects
*Anytime you notice regression or loss of skills, contact your child’s pediatrician, and reach out to WeeTalk to start a referral to Early Intervention immediately.
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