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WeeTalk’s Early Intervention Behavior Specialists are committed to helping babies and toddlers use activities such as play, meal, and sleep times to promote a secure attachment and enhance a healthy bond that forms between the infant and caregivers. They also teach families to recognize and respond to a child’s emotional and sensory regulation (behavior).

Behavior Support | Reading, PA
Our team of Therapists helps caregivers identify learning opportunities for a child throughout the day, as well as modifications to activities and the environment to enhance a child’s ability to participate fully in daily routines.

Together with your family our therapists will identify and adapt your routines to support improved interactions between you and your child.

Our highly trained therapists utilize your child’s daily routines to target learning opportunities that occur naturally so that learning new skills will seem easy.

Behavior Supports Services
Our Behavior Specialists target areas when your child is having difficulty:

  • Comforting/calming
  • Separating from caregiver
  • Responding to his/her name by looking toward faces of familiar people
  • Transitioning from one activity to the next
  • Regulating and expressing emotions
  • Sensory input (lights, sounds, etc.)
  • Actions of another person (e.g., being told ‘no’)
  • A failed attempt to communicate wants/needs
  • Follow simple directions
  • Regulating attention and impulses
  • Interacting with people (caregivers, siblings, peers, etc.)
  • Safely playing with toys
  • With unwanted or challenging behaviors (biting, hitting, throwing, tantrums, etc.)
WeeTalk knows that the most important piece of being a Behavior Therapist in Early Intervention is remembering that everything we do during sessions focuses on the entire family and their daily lives. Our Behavior Therapists will partner with you, the caregiver, and find ways to incorporate strategies throughout your day

Seek Early Intervention if your child is:

  • Having excessive temper tantrums – uncontrollable hitting, biting, or hyperventilating
  • Showing a regression in behaviors (thumb sucking that had stopped, or not talking anymore, rocking)
  • Showing limited interest in sharing joyful moments with caregivers
  • Not responding to your voice (not socially connected or appears to be hard of hearing)
  • Engaging in repetitive play with objects
  • Distressed when there is a change in schedule or items used throughout the day (cups, blankets, etc.)
  • Playing excessively with items that are not toys (remote controls or other household items)
  • More interested in objects than people
  • Intensely interested in a particular item or part of an item (clutching/carrying it around and upset if the item cannot be found)
  • Using your hand as a tool to lead to the desired item or perform an action
  • Repetitively activating toys with lights and sounds but not playing with that toy
  • Fearful of loud sounds or bright lights
  • Not noticing a change in their environment (a person entering or exiting a room)

*Anytime you notice regression or loss of skills, contact your child’s pediatrician and reach out to WeeTalk to start a referral to Early Intervention immediately.

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