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Parent Coaching

The services and supports identified for your child and family will reflect your unique activities, values, and community participation as well as your priorities and concerns.

Parent Coaching | Reading, PA

WeeTalk’s Early Intervention Supports and Services are provided through coaching supports that are evidence-based and individualized for your child and family.  We recognize young children learn best through everyday experiences and interactions with nurturing people in familiar contexts.

Parent Coaching | Reading, PA
PA Early Intervention recognizes the critical importance of the family and caregivers as a child’s first teacher. You have the greatest influence on what and how your child learns.
Parent Coaching | Reading, PA
Our therapists share information and resources that are known to be effective, evidence based and straightforward so you can help your child learn. We will explain how children develop and grow and how adults can encourage learning through daily routines, simple interactions, and games.
Parent Coaching | Reading, PA
Our therapists will listen to you as you share your priorities and coach you on how to use various intervention strategies that fit into your everyday life. 
Parent Coaching | Reading, PA
During coaching, meaningful, and functional outcomes are embedded within familiar learning opportunities that exist in the child’s typical routines, within the home, community activities or childcare. 
Parent Coaching | Reading, PA
Teaching in everyday routines offers more opportunities for practice than traditional therapy.  Teaching and learning in daily routines encourage participation, negotiating, problem solving, exploring, and higher-level concepts. 

There are many ways for your family to receive services and supports. Peers and family members are included in routines rather than isolating your child in one-to-one activities. EI coaching supports integrating all aspects of child development and learning from first contacts through transitions between and among programs.

EI services should not complicate your family’s life; it should complement your family’s life as it supports you and your child. Our therapists coach and support you, your family members, and caregivers to help your child grow and learn throughout the day. 
*Anytime you notice regression or loss of skills, contact your child’s pediatrician and reach out to WeeTalk to start a referral to Early Intervention immediately.
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WeeTalk is owned and operated by therapists. Founded in 2006, WeeTalk provides a full range of Early Intervention services for infants and children. Our specialized services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Special Instruction as well as Hearing, Visual, and Behavior Supports.

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