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Special Instruction

WeeTalk’s Early Intervention Special Instructors use activities such as play, mealtimes, and sleep time routines to promote a secure attachment and enhance a healthy bond that forms between the infant and caregivers.  They also teach families to recognize and respond to a child’s emotional and sensory regulation.

Special Instruction | Reading, PA
WeeTalk’s Special Instructors focus on supporting and understanding the social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child as a whole. Our Special Instructors can teach you how to enhance participation in your family’s daily routines, promote improved child-parent interactions and create learning environments that are most conducive to your child’s overall development.

Our highly trained Special Instructors utilize your child’s daily routines to target learning opportunities that occur naturally so learning new skills will seem easy.

Special Instruction | Reading, PA
Our Special Instructors may target areas when your child is having difficulty:

  • Managing emotions
  • Actively exploring people and objects to understand themselves
  • Understanding causal relationships to act on social and physical environment
  • Positively and consistently interacting with familiar adults
    Recognizing differences between familiar and unfamiliar people, objects, actions, or events
  • Learning to use adults to meet needs
  • Beginning to understand relationships between numbers, quantities, and patterns
  • Using objects or symbols to represent something else
  • Using pretend play to increase understanding
  • Learning a variety of ways to solve problems
  • Matching and sorting objects to show understanding of different characteristics
  • Showing interest in and interacting with other children
  • Imitating and engaging in play with other children
  • Expressing a range of emotions
  • Recognizing and interpreting emotions of others
  • Attending to, understanding, and responding to communication from others
  • Understanding words
  • Attending to and participating in songs or nursery rhymes
  • Recognizing and understanding the meaning of pictures

WeeTalk knows that the most important piece of being a Special Instructor in Early Intervention is remembering that everything we do during sessions focuses on the entire family and their daily lives. Our Special Instructors will partner with you, the caregiver, and find ways to incorporate, strategies and activities to promote independence and skills throughout your day.

Seek Early Intervention if

By 9 months your child is not:

  • Babbling or making sounds (“mama”, “baba”, “dada”)
  • Playing any games involving back-and-forth play
  • Responding to name
  • Recognizing familiar people
  • Looking where you point
  • Showing affection to caregivers
  • Indicating “pick me up”
  • Playing simple games like “Peek a Boo”
By 12 months your child is not:

  • Using sounds to get attention
  • Saying single words like mama/dada/up
  • Following point
  • Pointing to desired items
  • Imitating facial expressions
  • Looking when name is called
  • Showing objects to caregiver
  • Waving or shaking head to communicate
By 18 months your child is not:

  • Exploring toys
  • Handing toys to caregiver for assistance
  • Looking for caregivers when in sight or out
  • Showing interest in early songs and fingerplays
  • Beginning to show independence

*Anytime you notice regression or loss of skills, contact your child’s pediatrician, and reach out to WeeTalk to start a referral to Early Intervention immediately.

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