While there is still confusion about who won the election for the presidency, we can all agree on who wins when we ‘vote’ for our infants and toddlers. From day one, you are ‘voting’ for your baby to grow up healthy and happy and to meet developmental milestones. It does not stop! Ever. You are embarking on a lifelong journey of advocating for your baby.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, put your vote in. Your little one wins every time and there is no need to count and recount the ballots. You don’t even need to think about which ‘party’ to vote for. It’s easy to get help and you can be certain that your vote will count.

Like voting, with early intervention, you only pay with time, not money! Yes, you read that correctly, early intervention services (physical, occupational, speech, special instruction, and vision and hearing supports) for children ages birth to three, are provided at NO COST to you. Call today! You can be certain that your vote will count! Don’t wait!

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